Testimonial: Donna Manes

I use all of these products and love them. As I'm getting older, the front of my head was thinning where my bangs are. I noticed within a few months of using the products my bangs were much fuller which is good because I have a high forehead. Thanks so much for helping my hair look so much better!

Testimonial: Ricky Rickket

It's a Miracle

I have been doing hair for many years, and I could not find any hair growth products or solution for hair restoration loss in my 50's.  After Leantion for 18-24 months, I now have a full head of hair and I could not be happier!  Photo shows the re-growth of my main hairline.  So excited and grateful that this hair loss treatment worked for me!

Testimonial: Tom


Thank you so much for introducing me to Leantion Hair Treatment.  I have been using it for a couple of years now, and have seen significant hair regrowth.  Especially after I added Salt to my Water Softener at home. The treatment is not difficult and non-intrusive.  I apply the application a few times a week, and I have seen and felt hair growing back.


I am so grateful to have found a 100% natural solution to the daunting fear of losing my hair.  Even though it is not a quick fix, and I know it will take some time, I am so happy that my hair is growing back naturally.

Thanks Leantion!


Results May Vary

Leantion Corp is not responsible for damage to hair due to the use of Leantion's products.  Results may vary.  Leantion has been shown to have varied results for different people.  While some may experience gradual hair growth, others may not see any results for a significant time, if any at all. Leantion is made with 100% Natural Ingredients, and while any lasting negative impacts of product use is unlikely, Leantion is not to be held liable in the unlikely occurrence of a negative reaction to use of our product.  While this is not a medical product, please consult your doctor for any questions.