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Hair Loss Treatment Formula


Hair Loss

Whether you are a man who suffers from hair loss or male pattern baldness, Leantion's Hair Loss Treatment and Enrichment Formula has been shown to strengthen follicles and promote hair regrowth.  Or whether your a woman who shows bald spots or has thinning hair, Leantion can be the solution.


Continue To Massage Solution Into Scalp

Shampoo will lather as it is rubbed into moist scalp.  Continue to massage into scalp and let soak for a few minutes during bathing.  Conditioner is best used to coat hair with an extra healthy portion or sealant, and can be rinsed out.  The Hair Enrichment Formula is best used after bathing, and is designed to be left in hair to soak in and dry.


Leantion Promotes Healthy Hair

Leantion does not have to be used everyday, and results may vary.  If you use Leantion for a few months and see hair volume increase, and you stop using it, you do not have to be concerned that there is any extra risk of losing what you gained due to the discontinued use.

Disclaimer - Please Read

Leantion is manufactured in a an FDA Approved Testing Laboratory in Texas.  Leantion has not performed Clinical Trials to track the growth of hair treated by Leantion's Hair Enrichment Formula, nor are Leantion's products a proven medical solution to Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldeness (MPB).  Leantion does not claim to regrow hair independently. Instead, it is a component of a thorough treatment of healthy, drug-free solutions that have shown, over time, to enhance the hair quality of our clients and make hair grow back for many.  Please be advised that the sale of this product is not a promise that your hair will grow back.