Leantion Product Line


Leantion Shampoo is highly concentrated, and is a clear solution for hair restoration.  Unlike other hair growth products on the market, Leantion's Shampoo is best applied with as little as possible, as it expands and compounds with each massage of the scalp.  This Shampoo product is the first step to hair loss treatment.


Leantion Conditioner acts as any conditioner would, adding it's unique Natural Formula to enhance natural health in hair follicles.   Gently massage it into hair line, as it creates a comfortable protective layer over each strand.  Rinse out, without harshly scrubbing, and allow for hair to remain soft.

Hair Enrichment Formula

The Hair Enrichment Formula is designed to be used after the shampoo and conditioner, as an after coat to dry into hair and scalp.  Do not rinse out, and allow to dry.  This Formula can be used as often, or as little as comfort allows.