Hair Enriched To Grow Back As Natural As It Was Meant To Be

All our products are inspired by our love of hairdressing, the motivation to innovate, and the  everyday excellence of the hair beauty. That's why we have become known as the home of the hair regrowth shampoo. Why use something synthetic when something natural works so much better? That’s the practical philosophy behind every LEANTION™ natural product. 

About Us

For Men and Women

Being in the hair skin care business for 35 years, Leantion™ is the result of many years of biological research, development, professionalism, and understanding of the needs of the consumers, in a market where there seems to be no solution for hair loss. 

All Natural

Leantion's Enrichment Formula has no drugs or artificial additives.  Our products are made from a special mixture extracted from natural plants with precise quantities, giving us an exquisite product of plant enzymes. 


Our goal is uniting people who are passionate about hair, in the quest for moments of hair triumph. For us, it’s all about hair. Leantion's Hair Growth Supplements, include a Shampoo to promote hair growth, Conditioner to enrich scalp, and a Formula of plant Enzymes that promotes healthy hair for men and women.


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