• leantion regenerative treatment 100 percentage natural this product is contain natural ingrediants and should stays on the scalp for 20 minutes or 2 hours or 4 hours and up or over nights ,should use only twice a week ,apply in to scalp and massage well for 5 minutes then follow up with leantion shampoo
  • formulated leantion shampoo for men and women ,each shampoo bottles are equale to 4 bottles because very much concentrated for example if you diluted with water this shampoo get thicker and thicker , each shampoo is enough for 4 to 5 moonths, direction of the leantion shampoo is apply a small amount of leantion shampoo on your scalp and massage ,rinse thoroughly and repeat two times, wash your hair with leantion shampoo as often as you like ,this shampoo for all types of hair and scalp problem .
  • thickining leantion conditioner, each bottles equal to 4 to 5 bottles ,this conditioner does multiple job ,for example could be live in conditioner or rinse out conditioner and could be body lotion or face cream could remove line by aging from your face ,very much concentrated conditioner ,but make the hair stronger and thicker.
  • leantion bac cide acidifier promotes healty skin the advanced formula for skin was developed to protect the skin from moisture loss. bac cide is protect that closes pores without the use of alcohol. bac cide products healthy skin and enhances rapid healing of the skin ,spray at least twice dail until irratatedkin is normal. bac cide should be used on : bug bites ,burned skin ,itches and irratation,diaper rash ,skin after shaving ,removes bumps, sunburns, ,iron burns ,stove burns ,resetting make -up by spraying in to air and allowing the mist to fall on face . prevents spreading of skin irratation and reducess redness of infected skin relieves scalp irratation and abrasion. safe for babies ,children and pets . also removes bumps after shave and acne on skin or face.
  • leantion fungus toe nail or finger nail removal approximatly 80% v the population has fungus on toe nails and finger nails . our solution removes fungus and odors 100%, first anti -fungus miracle products. no pills ,syrup ,injection,ointment just spray to effected area ,leave on to 30-60 seconds ,then rinse and complete your shower ,always keep this products in your shower area because you dont forget to use it takes about 6 to 9 months nails to growth ,use it every day you will see eventually perfect results. fungus has lot of pain ad itching by using leantion nails promotes healthy skin.

Leantion Corp

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Being in the hair skin care business for 35 years, 
Leantion™ products are the result of many years 
of biological research development, professionalism, 
and understanding of the needs of the consumers.

Our products are made of a special mixture extracted 
from natural plants with precise quantities giving us 
an exquisite product of plant enzymes.

Our goal is uniting people who are passionate about hair, 
in the quest for moments of hair triumph. 
For us, it’s all about hair.

All our products are inspired by our love of 
hairdressing, the motivation to innovate, and the 
everyday excellence of the hair beauty.
Why use something synthetic when something natural 
works so much better? That’s the practical philosophy 
behind every LEANTION™ natural product.